A Collaboration between myself and Maia Fjord. A project that changed my definition of a 'late night'.

Here is a blog showing the deveopment or the animation as a whole with lots of behind the scenes photos.

For this short, we used:

160 meters of thin wire
30 meters of thick wire (to make 30 trees)
Almost a liter of PVA glue
3 tubes of super glue
4 cardboard boxes
1.5 meters by 1 meter of grass mat, plus an extra bag of flock
4x 915/610mm MDF Boards (2 meters²)
3 meters of balsa wood
A Couple of meters of electrical wiring
2 switches
9 LED lights
A set of Christmas lights
A lot of acrylic paint
5 bags of lichen
1 big bag of small cork gravel
1 bag of big cork chips
1 bag of actual gravel
1 bag of tiny leaves
2 bags of tree foliage (1 bag with blossom)
12 cars, 2 caravans
8 model people 

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